Light up your world with Utorch, a leading brand for premium quality flashlights, lamps and other lighting solutions. For those who demand quality without compromise, get a world of bright ideas for less with Utorch.

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I was looking for a nightlight to put in my bathroom that would emit just enough light that I could get up in the middle of the night and not have to flip the bright lights on and blind myself, its light sensor works well and it turns on automatically when the lights are flipped off and back off when the lights come on, it gives off the perfect amount of light
I love this light, Im very happy with this purchase for such a great tiny thrower. The yellow/neutral tint is just beautiful, it throws more than some of my more expensive flashlights and is very light weight needing only one 18650 or 26550 cell. The rechargeable function is also ver impressive with it being able to recharge the cells faster than my high end rechargers due to it´s 2amp current. Highly recommended, well done Utorch and Gearbest!
Oh boy oh boy oh boy, this little fella is amazing. can't believe I'm holding such a great flashlight with so many splendid features.<br>pros:<br>This flashlight use a single AA battery which can be found anyplace in stores.<br>Very Very bright <br>amazing different mods<br>good package<br>good price<br>decent accessories
Die S1 Mini ist wirklich klein, sie hat die Größe meines Daumens ! Die Lampe macht einen anständigen Eindruck und wurde samt eines per Mikro-USB-Ports ladbaren Akkus geliefert ( erspart ein externes Ladegerät). Durch die verbaute Linse erzeugt sie ein extrem flutiges Lichtbild.
He comprado, de color blanco, 3 unidades para poner en el pasillo de casa. Decir que no son muy potentes pero dan la luz perfecta para iluminar el trozo de pasillo que alcanza la luz de una pieza, y al dar un par de pasos "a oscuras" la siguiente luz detecta el movimiento y se enciende. Ya no necesito encender las luces de todo el pasillo por la noche cuando salgo a la cocina o al aseo.
Wow, the Utorch S1 Mini is really small. The flashlight is well build and comes with a 16340 battery.<br>The S1 Mini has a very very floody beam, perfect for indoor use. The Version with neutral white light (5000k) is more warm white, I think it has 4000k.
It is a great remote controlled lamp.<br>It is controlled by an smartphone app through bluetooth.<br>It changes colors and it has many different , interesting modes.<br>I've bought three of these.<br>It is a great experience! No problem at all.
This kind of lamp for this price? Totally worth it! Works great, lumens of light and color temperature settings are sufficient. Remote control works, but just from 3-4 meters long distance. Will I buy another one one day? Yes, I will...
Версия силиконового ночника в виде собачки. Вживую выглядит симпатично. Не хуже кошечки. Плюс дополнительная функция 10-секундного диктофона.
ürün 4 saat civari ortalama cok iyi aydinlatiyor. ben kisisel olarak evde kullaniyorum.<br>gunes olmasa dahi az isikla bile şarj olabiliyor. <br>urun uzerindeki isiklar led oldugu icin daha uzun omurlu olacagini dusunuyorum.<br>gozunuz kapali alinabilecek bir urun
These lights are activated by motion sensors and they work for approximately half a minute after the last detected motion. The tone of light ist warum and the brightness is quite high, definitrly sufficient for night time environments. Mounting these lights is very easy, either by applyubg screws, adhesive pads (included) or the built-in magnets.
Versatile and bright, I do use the warm/cool adjustment throughout the day. I wish it remembered the last setting when power is lost so it could be used with switched outlets and smart plugs, but otherwise a great floor lamp.
It may be a little confusing at the beginning because of details like having to format the SD card before changing the video you want to display. However, in general, it works nicely and what it presents is amazing!
Excellent lamp, everything is super. It will light at the Moximum bright enough, the light is pleasant. Fast shipping. I recommend.
This is a very good looking and unique light. The design and quality of this item are great.<br>The color you choose during order is for the outer lether case. Color of light switches automaticaly every time you open the book. So you will have all colors of light and can choose your favourite depending on mood and surrounding.
For its price, it works better than expected. It's bright enough for my porch, the motion sensor<br>reacts quickly and the battery is recharged from the solar panel without any problems.
Without very big expectations, the reality is that the flame simulation is really very good.<br><br>Perfect to recreate a cozy environment both in summer and winter.<br><br>Highly recommended.
On the first night in the farmhouse, I bought various night lights and strips of light for all over the place, this particular night light is pretty and it's not intrusive
They work great - only light up if it is dark/dim, not during daylight or if other lights are on, so nice to be able to walk and have `` automatic'' light to guide your way
Beautiful design. Good price rating. Great quality rating for the asking price. European plug.
Utorch Wake Up Light Touch Sensor Clock LED Bedside Lamp<br><br>I'm very happy with the lamp, great alarm, super melody
the utorch its extra better then on screan to bad i ordered only 3 because my mother want another utorch cuz my dad take it to his ofice thats how he like it
looking good.working well.prompt delivery by gearbest , but attchments are delicate,may be handling it with more coution
The effect of the fire is pretty great, and the light and ambient sensors work really good.<br>It could be taller tough,..
Bonito, ilumina muito bem, entrega rápida, bem embalado, tudo ok. Excelente para colocara em armários de cozinha.
very good product with an unbeatable price. work great und is nice to see. product received in perfect condition!
elegí la clasificación porque me parece muy buen producto es muy sencillo y práctico, desventaja solamente sería que el instructivo vieniera en inglés porque todo viene con el idioma de donde es fabricado. Lo recomiendo bastante
Iy is nice and works fine.<br>The price is very good too.<br>I am satisfied with this<br>Thanj you Gearbest!!!!
Bardzo przydatny gadżet,polecam wszystkim niezdecydowanym.<br>Działa bez zarzutu i wygląda elegancko :)
es sencillo la luminosidad no es mucha pero el efecto lo vale, si me gustó, lo recomiendo