Gocomma delivers a range of affordable, high quality mobile accessories for tech lovers. From Bluetooth car chargers, screen protectors to adapters, enjoy a smarter mobile life. Compact and practical, don't leave home without the latest in Gocomma technology products.

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what people are saying
55 days delivery in St. Petersburg.<br>Track code AEL10* * 5RU is given within 48 hours after payment (as promised), Tracked by tracking simulator directly.<br>The package was thrown into the mailbox.<br>Works as described. The glow is not very bright.<br>For the price of $ 1.7 for 2 sets with batteries included - very good.<br>But there are small disadvantages:<br>The voltage on the supplied battery drops quickly when turned on.<br>It was difficult to fix the device - the screw in the set was short, it is fixed on the last turn or it is necessary to deform the plastic of the fastening and then the parts of the device do not connect to each other../<br>55 дней доставка в СПб.<br>Трек-код AEL10**5RU дан в течение 48 ч после оплаты (как обещано), Отслеживался имитатором отслеживания посредственно.<br>Пакет бросили в почтовый ящик.<br>Работает, как и описано. Свечение не очень яркое.<br>Для цены 1,7$ за 2 набора с батарейками в комплекте - очень хорошо.<br>Но имеются небольшие недостатки:<br>Напряжение на комплектной батарейке быстро падает при включении.<br>Закрепить устройство удалось с трудом - винт в комплекте коротковат оказался, крепится на последнем витке или приходится сильно деформировать пластик крепления и тогда части устройства друг с другом не соединяются..
SUPER Gocomma Professional Garden Grafting Tool Pruner How troublesome it is! This Professional Grafting Pruner makes it easy for you here now! It does pruning and grafting at the same time, and the cuts made in both stock and scion are perfectly matched for maximum cambium contact, which will greatly improve the grafting survival rate. With this garden scissor, you have no need to get the hard work in cutting same slopes on both branches, no need to use any extra sharp knife as in the traditional laborious and time-consuming methods, you can make garden grafting easier and better!
Очень удобная подсветка для мебельного пространства на батарейке с креплением на мебельную петлю. Достаточная сила 3 светодиодов ярко белого цвета. В комплекте батарейка<br><br><br>Хороший и не дорогой фонарь - подсветка с автоматическим выключателем при закрытии дверцы и креплением непосредственно на мебельную петлю. 3 ярких светодиода и питание от батареи.
Spełnia swoje wszystkie funkcje<br>It fulfills all its functions<br>Wszystko spoko jak za taki tani gadżet, można przyczepić do nawiewu i gdy nawigacja działa to wtedy telefon się nie nagrzewa<br>Everything cool as for such a cheap gadget, you can attach to the ventilation and when the navigation works then the phone does not heat up
Simple and straightforward;<br>Transparent, let the circuits show the one with the greatest charm;<br>It has feet to not slide and support for wall for example;<br>air outlets;<br>Output to GPIO;<br>Fits very well;<br>Ask for cheaper with fan support.
La funda protectora es de muy buena calidad, la pantalla queda totalmente descubierta lo que permite un manejo total de la pantalla, no es necesario oprimir el botón de encendido ya que al abrir la funda protectora se activa la pantalla, la tapa tiene pliegues para poder doblarse y así poder ver vídeos sin la necesidad de sostener la tablet con las manos.
Шнур посоны, я вам скажу, знатный!<br>Его если обжечь то там медяхи будет наверное грамм 200!<br>Короч полюбасику не прогадаете.<br>Коннекторы все из чиставо миталла, ай по красоте будет!<br>Это не тот шнур что из соседнего магазина "от ножей до батареек все по 50 копеек"<br>Инфа сотка!
Покупаю уже второй раз, так как переехал в другую квартиру. Очень нравится именно эта лейка. Когда она работает, то ощущение не воды, а подачи воздуха. Если вода не жесткая, то струи всегда будут прямо)))
Fast shipping, the item was well packed. It looks very nice and fits perfectly into the tablet CUBE IPLAY 10 ;-)
his is my first oukitel phone i had firsrt the look look very good the glass is 2.5d and the brightnes is very powerfull its run android 6.0 and have update to 6.01 the front camera its ok not bad but not somthinig spicial and the back camera its very bad its not shape its look like 5.0 mp but for this price its ok the phone run fast you can open the same time 4 or 5 aplication evreying run quiq the batter life its for aboy 4 hours not more
this is a very good product. the workmanship is good, the castle is great, the partitions in the middle of the revelation. the only minus is the size but I generally recommend the product, very practical
Very good packaging...but we bought the cable not the packet...lol<br>It´s made from rubber(outside) and it stays straight if you want it!<br>It´s Charges and also you can also transfer files to your pc!! Very nice!!
Excellent shop. Good product. All quickly, efficiently and cheaply.Excellent shop. Good product. All quickly, efficiently and cheaply.Excellent shop. Good product. All quickly, efficiently and cheaply.Excellent shop. Good product. All quickly, efficiently and cheaply.
Bom preço e com uma boa qualidade de construção, adapta-se na perfeição ao telemóvel e é agradável ao tato e de fácil limpeza.
El producto es tal como lo presentan.<br>Encaja correctamente con la placa, sin problemas.<br>Como extra cuenta con la ranura para colocar un ventilador, lo cual es muy recomendable.<br>Es material es grueso pero no en exceso.<br>Una excelente carcasa en resumen
It's a very nice cable for the price! The ends feel like they are made out of metal but i'm not sure. The brading seems to be well made.<br>Worked as espected.
- Small and all-purposes backpack;<br>- Nice color;<br>- Comfortable;<br>- Believed to be indeed waterproof;<br>- Very slick and light;<br>- Acceptable finishing.
This charger can charge 3 devices simultaneously, and also provides information on voltage and current strength.<br>High quality materials, precise details, sophisticated look for a reasonable price.<br>Highly recommended!
Брал по акции, не плохое зарядное устройство QC 3.0. относительно быстрая доставка для без трека. по отзывам с других ресурсов схемотехника простенькая но за эту цену что то серьезное ожидать не следует.
He de decir que no tenia esperanzas en que fuera util pero con la ubicacion del mismo en el armario es funcional al final<br>PRO, que ayuda a esos armarios oscuros<br>CON, que no se pueden acoplar a todas las visagras, las hermeticas es imposible.
-fits well on most european cars.<br>-cand be used as bluetooth handsfree.<br>-works well on 95-105 mhz range without interfering.<br>-can change socket colour from the app.<br>-doesnt heat up<br>-premium and discreet look and feel.
Excellent shop. Good product. All quickly, efficiently and cheaply.Excellent shop. Good product. All quickly, efficiently and cheaply.Excellent shop. Good product. All quickly, efficiently and cheaply.
Замечательный чехол для AlfaWise Tab, есть небольшой заводской запах, но сам чехол сделан отлично. Отлично садится, планшет не люфтит внутри. Планшет в чехле отлично становится и держится на столе.
Perfect camera. supported by the raspberry pi. the assembly is very easy. <br><br>the range of the infrared leds is very acceptable. to note that the infrareds are very power hungry.
Its a loud whistle that i got for free<br><br>Its a loud whistle that i got for free<br><br>Its a loud whistle that i got for free<br><br>Its a loud whistle that i got for free<br><br>Its a loud whistle that i got for free
Good Portability<br>Strong connector<br>Good grip<br>Very good materials (aceptable ones)<br>very good quality for the price none, very good quality for the pricenone, very good quality for the price
The product complies with what was promise. The quality is very good. Two items are arived: one curved as shown in the photo and one plane
Very nice product and I recommend it to buy. I tried it and it works fine for me and I have a few other things that I need to do.
Excellent product. Well-built, hard and good good quality.<br><br>Very happy with this product and fulfil my expectations.<br><br>It has a good value for that quality.
- Ótimo custo benefício<br>- Envio rápido<br>- Possui extensão longa<br>- Tudo correto conforme a descrição do produto