The premiere leader in drone technology, DJI has been innovating ever since they hit the drone scene. With enhanced precision controls and high maneuverability, DJI drones are built with the consumer in mind. Easy to use and light-weight, the drones have become a must have at any outdoor event. Select from a range of sizes from toys to professional drone cameras.

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Sturdy and tall leaving reasonable space, not too bad at all!, Very good propeller, Nice build quality, It is a great delivery

4.7 out of 5

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Ottimo prodotto, appena si apre la scatola si capisce fin da subito la qualità dei prodotti Dji ! <br>Ottimo packaging, pacco arrivato in ottime condizioni !<br>Drone stupendo, grazie all’Air Combo avrete tutto quello che vi serve, borsa da viaggio, due batterie in più, caricabatterie multiplo per caricare 4 batterie contemporaneamente, para eliche, insomma tutto quello che serve !!<br>La qualità della videocamera è spettacolare ! Stabilizzata su tre assi meccanicamente! Registrazione video fino a 4K a 30 fps, ottime foto con sensore a 12 megapixel, con filtro HDR<br>Sono presenti i sensori anticollisione frontali, posteriori e sotto il drone, per volare in sicurezza e tranquillità!<br>Portabilità eccezionale, drone con braccia ripiegabili<br>Stra consigliato !!
Самый лучший дрон. Маленький, компактный. Отличное качество записи, куча датчиков. Отличный комплект поставки. Много режимов съемки и настроек. Просто бомба!
DJI Mavic Air come to me after 20 days (Hongkong - Slovakia). I bought it when it was available but then gearbest wrote me that isn´t, so for that 20 days...The drone box could be packed better (look at photos), in some foil or something soft. Everything works great.
Excellent camera performance (even at low light conditions) and clarity with mechanical shutter <br>- Highly optimized build, lightweight and wind efficient <br>- Package is complete (including case), only needed is extra batteries besides the one shipped together with the drone<br>-great price!! fast delivery!!
Really amazing drone with many possibilities! Worth its price! Great for a first drone to start flying adventure!<br>I strongly recommend buying the Fly More Combo version which includes: additional batteries, box, travel bag, charging hub and additional propellers.
these props are a good upgrade for my x16 drone they are self tightening and avoid the problems some people have had with the standard prop nuts coming loose during flight the also give better lift due to the fact that the are larger than the standard ones all in all a good product
His price could be cheaper.<br><br>I am found with the product being satisfied.<br><br>He would be his benefit if he would be cheaper.<br><br>The product original, I can recommend it only so.
супер квадракоптер, был до этого xiaomi mi drine 4k, то сяоми нервно курит. быстрая доставка. всё супер!!!
быстрая доставка!!! батарея 100 процентов оригинальная!!! качественно всё сделано!!!рекомендую!!!
This is my 1st drone and after using it for about 7 months, it still amazes me. Definitely the best drone for beginners.<br><br>Small<br>lightweight<br>Intelligent flight modes<br>Easy to fly<br>Good image quality
very good product. works well with DJI spark charging hub and in the drone. no problems and no glitches with the drone or remote eighter!! Well worth it and you also save a few dollars with this one too!!
Essential backpack to transport the drone. Good quality, the gray box of the drone fits perfectly on this backpack
Repuesto para la placa que sostiene al gimbal y de paso mitiga las vibraciones generadas en movimiento. El empaque y sellos dan su autenticidad de DJI
good quality, very stable, the best drone quality price, good camera, shipping very fast, good service customer service page fast and with quick solutions.
Sold my Mavic Pro to get this Mavic Air.<br>So far I have no regrets. It is smaller and as easy to fly.<br>Battery time isnt an issue since it comes with 3 batteries.<br>Get this drone if you're a novice.
Fast confirmation of my order<br>Long time to receive my order, I was afraid it could be lost but no, I receive my order after more than 40 days.<br>Very happy for this product<br>In the box information only in chinesse
I already bought the previous model and I loved it, it has the advantage of being quieter and the battery has more durability. The Mavic becomes quite versatile and easy to use. In my case that I work in weddings, it was essential to have an easy equipment to assemble and to take flight, in a short time.
Outstanding camera gimbal - very fast reaction time for smooth motion videos. I love DJI and all their products - high quality and good price. I highly recommend DJI OSMO for your movie shooting needs.
Co tu dużo pisać oryginalny produkt DJI, idealny power bank dla drona i nie tylko (aparatura, smartfon)<br>Zdecydowanie Polecam.
- I was a bit unsure about my first order but everything went smoothly.<br>- Good price, without additional surcharges<br>- Very good shipment tracking<br>- Questions were answered promptly<br><br>Gladly again.
Fits on most DIY drones available in the market.<br>Very steady and strong rod.<br>Can mount any round shaped GPS antenna easily.<br>The fordable design is so useful when caring or storing.
this is a very nice and fun product, it has all the basic function and also the camera is more than sufficient. obviously if you buy a 1k$ product is better, but for only 100$ is the best you can buy.
Szybka przesyłka- poniżej 10 dni roboczych.<br>Produkt zgodny z opisem <br>Wszystko działa.<br>Ilość akcesoriów zgodna z zamówieniem.
O preço foi o melhor que encontrei até hoje. O produto é ótimo e chegou no tempo previsto, em ótimas condições. Recomendo a qualquer pessoa que esteja interessada em adquirir um drone de qualidade e seguro
Produto de qualidade e exatamente como o original. Comprei para o caso de um dia precisar e não ter que esperar para chegar, mas espero não ter que usar kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
I bought because my version of the dji spark was the basic and with this charger, it brought me many facilities, charging 3 batteries simultaneously is a marvel.
Оригинальный продукт DJI, быстрая доставка, хорошая упаковка, низкая цена, очень доволен покупкой? продавца рекомендую.
Probablement un des meilleurs drones du moment. D'autres modèles existent mais celui-ci est parfait pour un débutant comme un expert, disposant de nombreux modes de vol et fonctionnalités de prise de vue et vidéo. Très bon service de Gearbest, livraison rapide.
20 days w/o tracking , arrive in time<br>looks original<br>should fit perfectly
Motores para dron DJI Tello. excelente precio funcionan muy bien. buena calidad y sencillo de reemplazar.