Yeelink is engaging in creating a brand new, high-quality, and comfortable lighting experience with smarter user operation, providing personalized and superior quality lighting that people require. The team at Yeelink is brimming with outstanding talents from the Internet, communications, consumer electronics, and high-end lighting industries. They will carry out further comprehensive smart lighting solutions which satisfy the smart lighting requirements of household consumers and industrial users as well as by obtain data related to the everyday lives of consumers, based on which they will involve in other sectors of the smart home market. Yeelink mainly utilizes the materials from internationally respected companies to complete the industrial designs and associated engineering work of its products. All the company’s industrial design engineers have experiences in cooperation and developing projects with first-rate design companies, such as Misfit, Fuseproject, and Jawbone. Our lighting products are created to match the standards of world-class popular electronic consumer products, with design standards and product requirements markedly superior to those of other domestic lighting companies. Yeelink boasts a variety of online and offline sales channels in both domestic and international markets. The Bolt Smart Light, which the company developed in 2014 through a collaboration with Misfit, a US fashionable technology brand, has already been awarded a German Red Dot Award and entered mainstream sales channels, for example, Best Buy. The design and quality of this product have received a roar of approval from the most stringent consumer groups.

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4.9 out of 5

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what people are saying
The Yeelight Candela light had been shipped out of an European warehouse and was delivered within just 2 days (to Germany), which is amazing fast, with no damage during transport. It has a CE stamp and English manual, good. The lamp itself is a solid build with a really nice matte finish of the lamp base. The transparent part around the ´bulb´is solid too and with a good thickness. You can select the various light modes by simply rotating the transparent cylinder, e.g. turn on/off, adjust brightness or go to a flickering mode. The lamp is absolutely fine for what is intended to: generate a warm light like a candle ! It is not a flashlight or a working light, but still OK to read a bit - however its purpose is to generate a nice, cozy ambience. Cool feature is to pair two or more of this Yeelights: turning on one, will automatically activate the other(s). Easy charging by a USB cable. I highly appreciate the solid build of the base, which makes it very stable. As it is quite unique and reasonable priced, it makes a great gift !
Es handelt sich bei mir um die Variante mit dem Sternenhimmel. Die Lampe hängt im Schlafzimmer. Dort macht der Sternenhimmel auch wirklich einen sehr guten Eindruck. Gerade der Mondmodus in Verbindung mit dem Sternenhimmel ist echt sehr gelungen und sorgt schon für einen Wow Effekt.<br>Das Aufhängen/Anbringen funktioniert wie von Yeelight gewohnt einfach perfekt. Ich hatte noch keine anderen Lampen, die einfacher anzubringen waren.<br><br>Integration in der Yeelight/MiHome App funktioniert ebenfalls wie gewohnt.<br><br>Im Lieferumfang ist ebenfalls die passende Fernbedienung mit dabei.<br><br>Fazit:<br>Klare Kaufempfehlung. Die Variante mit dem Sternenhimmel würde ich allerdings nur im Schlafbereich empfehlen. In den Wohnbereichen würde ich darauf verzichten.
Die Deckenleuchte ist sehr schön.<br>Verbindet sich über WLAN sehr schnell.<br>Über die Yeelight App kann man vieles nach belieben einstellen. Es gibt auch zahlreiche Voreinstellungen.<br><br>Fernbedienung fehlt.<br>Müsste man zusätzlich dazukaufen, was ich auch bevorzugen würde.<br>Mit der Yeelight App hat es sofort geklappt. <br>Ist etwas irreführend mit den Apps, weil in der Bedienungsanleitung steht nichts von Yeelight App. Stattdessen gibt es ein QR Code zum herunterladen von Xiaomi Home App, womit ich die Lampe aber nicht verbinden konnte. <br>Würde ich dennoch weiter empfehlen.
This is the best light fixture I've ever had. It took my husband about five minutes to install. It's for our 11-year-old girl, and we always find her lights on at three in the morning. Because every time she goes to the bathroom, she's too scared to turn it off, or just hears a sound and goes to sleep with the light on. APP control solves this problem! Just adjust the light to night light mode and she can sleep with it on. Very satisfied, that's what we need!
I would like to begin my feedback with a thank you message for Gearbest. This product was a free product which I won in one of your live streams from facebook.<br>I really like this product. Fast charging is doing its job very well. The light is powerfull and I really like the cool and the warm mode. The fact that this light is detachable it's a bonus.
3pcs nice lamps with motion sensor and daylight sensor. The motion sensor is sensitive and starts to work when dark enough. The activity time is 1 min and we couldn't change it. It is not so big problem and the lamp works perfectly. I am very happy with this purchase.
Heute erhalten und direkt ausprobiert. Für ein Nachtlicht ist es absolut hell genug. Die Automatikfunktion geht einwandfrei. Die Verarbeitung ist völlig in Ordnung. Der Schalter wackelt nicht und ist ebenfalls gut verarbeitet.<br><br>Nachteil (Auch wenn wahrscheinlich unnötig): Die beiliegende Anleitung ist nur auf Chinesisch, Englisch wäre wünschenswert und kostet auch nicht mehr. <br><br>Fazit. Super Ding.
Ürünler gayet şık ve kullaşlı hem uygulama hem de Google asistan üzerinden kullanımı da kolay hemen kullanmaya başladım ve şimdilik memnunum. Tam bir fiyat performans ürünü herkese tavsiye ederim. Uygulama üzerinden renk ve parlaklık ayarları kontrol edilebildiği gibi çeşitli modlar da mevcut. Kullanım alanınız ve anınıza göre modlar seçip otomatik olarak renk ve parlaklığı da ayarlaya bilirsiniz.
Качественно сделанный ночной светильник!Включается автоматически,когда становиться темно! Выключить можно принудительно кнопкой! Работает от 220 (вилка китайская),но в посылку положили переходник под европейскую розетку!Светит приятным теплым светом !!!!
Perfect match with other Xiaomi products. I use it paired with a door sensor to light it up when I get home in winter, when it's dark inside and I can easily locate the cat (I can't get him outside as I live close to a big roadway). Yet another A+ product for my Mi Home system
Качество материалов отличное<br>Качество изготовления отличное<br>Технические характеристики и функционал отличные<br>Дорогая цена, маленькая яркость и очень долгая отправка.
the lights are super easy to setup and with awesome. really recommend it!<br><br>just need to create a mi account. this is something I would have preferred not to but it works great with Google home as well.
The buttons are of excellent quality. Assembly is very simple. They connect easily with the wi fi and create a very special atmosphere with the various possibilities of changing light intensity and color. I recommend the purchase
Небольшая лампа, светит не очень ярко, я бы сказал слабовато даже, светодиоды все видно, 3 режима. Для такой лампы можно было бы и поярче
Качество материалов отличное<br>Качество изготовления отличное<br>Технические характеристики и функционал отличные<br>Дорогая цена и очень долгая отправка.
Good quality product from Yeelight, solid build, quality materials were used, bright and good color fidelity.
pros: luz discreta nocturna con sensor de presencia. Se carga por USB y he quedado sorprendido por el tiempo que permanece sin cargar nuevamente. hace más de tres meses que la cargué y aún dura encendiéndose y apagándose al pasar junto a ella de noche.<br>Recomiendo compra. Ya he regalado tres de ellas a mi familia.<br>Contras: ninguna.
This heater looks great in our freshly repainted all white bathroom. The heater is not noisy and heats up the small bath very quickly. I like the soft light very much, elegant looking.
Facile da montare e configurare ed esteticamente molto bello è perfetto per qualsiasi momento che si desidera vivere in ogni ambiente. Le scene preconfigurate sull'app sono tante, ma c'è la possibilità di personalizzarle. Consigliato a tutti quelli che vogliono dare un tocco in più ai loro momenti.
Fast delivery. High quality product. Everything works perfectly.<br>The luminaires were delivered from Germany (without VAT).<br>I recommend this seller!
Best price and fast delivery for this xiaomi yeelight night lamp. Delivery time is good: 10 days.
Great product with lots of options of light temperature and brightness. One of the best products I've bought from this website. Battery last longer than I expected.
Great product , extremely highly recommended. very easy installation no skills needed, could not be happier .Since got it decided to go "smart" in my home. Must have
Like this product. It is perfect and very bright. Killed a lot of flies and mosquitoes in my backyard. I will buy one for my front yard. You can't miss this product.
Plafonnier de tres bonne qualité, que ca soit pour l'emballage, la pose ou a l'utilisation.<br>Livrée avec une paire de gants blanc
Lights were easy to install and look great. They are much brighter than I expected, which is a plus and the color of the light looks quite good.
This light is so easy to install, I did it myself. It lights up the room so much more than the old one did. I would highly recommend this light!
I love these because they are very light sensitive, come on at dusk and off at dawn. They do a pretty good job of lighting up the area.
Minimal e molto elegante è perfetto per qualsiasi ambiente. Semplice da installare e configurare. Non ha la funzione di ambilight che ha la versione da 65 cm ma è cmq personalizzabile in base alle esigenze. Consigliato per ambienti più piccoli.
Very good product for a low price. It is working very well and i am very sattisfied with it. I will order another one for a gift.